Contributing Code

The best way to contribute code is to develop with git and make a pull requests from your fork.

If you want to make contributions to the framework as a whole, read Developing JavaScriptMVC.

Ideas, Feedback, Problems

Know how to make JavaScriptMVC better or you don't like something? Let us know in one of JavascriptMVC's Forums.

Submitting Bugs

Bugs can be submitted to:

Hard Core Contributors

Grab a beer with the JavaScriptMVC team:


  • Justin

    Justin Meyer

    Justin is a founder, and lead developer of JavaScriptMVC. During the day, he is the CEO of Jupiter Consulting, a JavaScript consulting company. When not working on JavaScriptMVC, he's cheating with his other favorite framework - Ruby on Rails.

  • Brian

    Brian Moschel

    Brian is a founder of JavaScriptMVC and Jupiter Consulting in Chicago. He wrote the original version of JavaScriptMVC and does writing for the site. He also has a dog named Ajax. Attempts to teach him programming have been fruitless thus far.

  • Michael

    Michael Mayer

    Michael loves to bring order to the chaos of Web development. He is specialized in keeping deadlines and puts his life at risk to successfully complete projects. His home base is in Berlin, Germany.


Blue Ghost Jedi

  • Trey

    Trey Kennedy

    Trey Kennedy has been an embedded C/C++ software engineer for over 10 years and a part-time web applications developer for the last 3 years. He is sick and tired of generating HTML and JavaScript using other languages and is ready to evangelize the world in the way of native JavaScript development - or maybe just his company.

  • Lee

    Lee Henson

    Located at the secret Music Glue skunk works in London Town, plotting the downfall of the music industry fat cats (and sharpening his ice pick).

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